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General Purpose Digital Very Low Pressure
Test and Measurement   High Line Pressure

Very Low Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

P532 Ultra Low Pressure Transmitter

DR800 Draft Range Trasmitter

P17 Low Range Pressure Trasmitter

0.25% Accuracy (BFSL)

0.5% Accuracy (BFSL)

0.25% Accuracy (BFSL)

Differential & Gage from 0.10"H2O FS, Absolute from 0.08PSIA FS

0.25" H2O FS without Turndown or Amplification

0.1" H2O FS

0F to 160F Standard Operating Range

-25F to 185F Standard Operating Range

-0F to 160F Standard Operating Range

4-20 mA or 10-50 mA dc Output

4-20 mA (true two-wire system)

4-20 mA or Voltage Option

Integral 3 ½ Digit Liquid Crystal Local Display Available

Analog or Digital Output Options Available

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Your Trusted Source for Low Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters and pressure transducers convert pressure into analog electrical signals. Pressure transmitters are used in a wide variety of process applications. They can also be used with other devices to measure altitude, depth, pressure loss, and water flow to name a few. They are also useful leak detection systems.

Low Pressure Transmitter Advantages

Low pressures are difficult to measure accurately. The sensitivity of Validyne Transducers to extremely low pressures is what makes us stand out. Pressure Transmitters can easily be connected to electrical circuits or calibrated to measure pressure that is relative to atmospheric pressure as well. Ask us about our P532 and DR800 Draft Range Transmitters.

Differential Pressure Transmitter

This type of transmitter senses pressure differences between two ports and sends a 4-20mA output signal over a calibrated pressure range. Our draft range transmitter, model DR800 is ideal for measuring low pressures. This equipment can record pressures below 0.1”H2O.

We have a reputation for delivering well-supported and reliable products that last long. It all falls under the umbrella of customer service. We know that we have a reputation to live up to, and we do our very best to make sure we need our customer's needs.

Call today at 818.886.848 to speak with one of our representative.

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