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 Transducer Selector
Validyne Transducer Selector

Full Scale Pressure Measurement Range:  

Measurement Type:  
Maximum Line Pressure, psig:


How to Use the Validyne Transducer Selector

Full Scale Pressure Measurement Range: 
This is the highest pressure you want to measure. All Validyne transducers read from zero to some full scale pressure. Choose a pressure that just covers the highest pressure you expect to encounter.

Measurement Type: 
Validyne supplies differential, gage and absolute pressure transducers. Differential transducers measure the difference in pressure applied to the + and - ports. Gage pressure transducers measure the difference between the atmosphere and the pressure you want to measure. Differential transducers are supplied to measure gage pressure by leaving the - port open to the atmosphere. Absolute transducers are referenced to a hard vacuum. Gage transducers are the more cost-effective option for absolute pressures above 500 psia as the 15 psia nominal offset can be calibrated out using the transducer zero adjustment.

Maximum Line Pressure: 
This applies to differential pressure transducers and is the common line pressure applied simultaneously to both ports. A 10 psi differential measurement, for example, can be made when 500 psig is on the + port and 490 psig is on the - port. The line pressure is about 500 psig. This is typically found in hydraulic or fluid flow applications.

Note that line pressure is not the same as maximum allowable overpressure. Validyne transducers will accept an overpressure of up to twice the full scale without compromise to subsequent measurements. Line pressure may be accidentally applied to a low differential range sensor and this may damage the measuring capability but the pressure will be contained in the sensor body.

Line pressure is not a factor in gage or absolute measurements but this selection program will only offer transducers capable of containing the highest pressure selected - the greater of full scale pressure or line pressure chosen.

Most Validyne transducers can accept liquids or gases. Only the lowest ranges (below 3.5 In H2O) accept air or gases only.

For hydrocarbon-based fluids and inert gases the standard wetted materials in Validyne transducers will provide good service. For water-based fluids we recommend the nickel-plating option to protect against corrosion (see individual transducer data sheets). We can gold plate a sensor for extreme environments but this is usually a costly last resort. We also offer a variety of compounds for the O-rings inside the sensor that are compatible with most fluids. Contact the factory if you need a recommendation.

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