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USB2250 Data Acquisition USB Box
• Direct Sensor Input to Your PC via USB
• 16-bit Resolution, 100 KHz Conversion Rate
• 16 Input Channels, Sensor Excitation Provided
• Auto-Zero Capability for Better Accuracy
• Accepts Any Mix or Combination of Sensor Inputs Thermocouples, RTDs
Strain Gages, LVDTs, VR Sensors Potentiometers, DC Volts
• Data Acquisition Software Included
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Technical Details

The USB2250 Sensor Interface provides real world data acquisition for your PC via the USB port. 16 sensor inputs in any mix or combination are accepted by the USB2250. No external signal conditioning is required. The USB2250 includes configuration and data acquisition software.

Thermocouples, RTDs, strain gages, LVDTs, potentiometers, VR sensors and low-level DC voltages are wired directly to the USB terminals in any mix or combination of single-ended or differential input types. All required excitation, amplification and linearization is provided by the USB2250. No additional equipment is required.

The USB2250 features 10 input ranges from 20 mV to 10.24 V full scale all with 16 bits of resolution, programmable channel-by-channel. An innovative dual-conversion scheme provides outstanding zero offset correction for low-level measurements.

The USB2250 provides polynomial linearization for thermocouples and RTD’s. Scale and offset factors can be applied to all inputs. The USB2250 produces a floating-point value for all readings, directly in engineering units. 

Software for the USB2250 includes a GUI configuration utility that allows the user to set sensor type, gain range, channel, and all other input parameters. The configuration can be saved to non-volatile memory on the card so that The USB2250 can be used in embedded applications.

Easy Sense 2250 data acquisition software is also included so that the user may record sensor data to an ASCII file in real time.

Graphing Capabitilities and Trigger Functionality included in the Premium Version of Easy Sense. 

USB2250 Advantages

  Direct Sensor Input

  No External Signal Conditioning Needed

  Sensor Excitation Included

  On-Board TC, RTD Linearization

  All Cables and Terminal Blocks Included

  Separate TC Reference Temp Sensor Channel Provided


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