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PS309 Portable Digital Manometer
• Portable, Lightweight Construction
• Internal Battery Operation or Optional AC Converter
• Absolute Gauge and Differential Ranges – 0.08 psi FS to 3200 psi FS
• All Surfaces in Contact with Media are Stainless Steel
• 2 Vdc Analog Output Standard
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Technical Details

The PS309 is a portable, completely self-contained digital pressure manometer, available in absolute, gauge and differential ranges. In addition to the front panel liquid crystal digital display, the unit also provides a 2 Vdc analog output suitable or recording, remote display or control purposes.

Featured are an integral variable reluctance transducer, solid state electronics module, 3½ digit liquid crystal display (LCD)* and battery pack with six 1.5V penlight cells for truly portable operation. The units can also be powered from an external DC power supply or AC battery eliminator (converter) module. The transducer features all corrosion resistant materials in contact with the pressure media (both ports in differential units), very low internal cavity volumes and ultra-low volumetric displacement with full-scale pressure excursion. Transducer calibration is unaffected by dielectric properties of the sensed fluid. Gauge and differential transducers may be disassembled and range changed by simple diaphragm replacement.

Individual meter scaling adjustments are provided for both single and dual operating modes which permit display of output in any popular engineering or scientific pressure and flow units. Decimal points are user-programmable by easy internal adjustment.

Optional features include switch-selected dual operating modes – “Pressure” (output linear with applied pressure), and “Flow” (output proportional to square root of D P), each with a separate 2 Vdc analog output and individual display scaling adjustments; two wire, 4-20 mA current output configurations with single and dual operating modes; AC-powered battery eliminator power source; and, universal mounting brackets for panel mounting – either front or rear mount – or, top or bottom shelf-mounting arrangements.

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