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P66 Pressure Transducers with CAN Bus Interface
• CAN Bus Interface for Digital Operation with PC
• Excellent Stability Over Wide Thermal Range
• 0.25% FS Accuracy, 0.7% Max Temperature Error
• For Liquid or Gas Service
• FS Ranges from 2.22 In H2O
• Compatible with CAN Bus Software
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Technical Details

The Validyne model P66 is a digital differential pressure transmitter designed for industrial pressure measurement applications. The on-board microprocessor provides high accuracy and improved stability in changing thermal environments.

Communication via CAN Bus provides remote zero and span adjustment as well as digital pressure readings in engineering units or pressure counts.

The P66 is designed for a wide variety of low pressure measurements where high resistance to vibration and superior stability through temperature change is required. The P66 will accept both liquids and gases directly at the sensing diaphragm.

The P66 provides digital readings directly in engineering units of psi or inches of water column.

The zero and full-scale outputs are set by CAN Bus digital command. No potentiometer adjustments are required to calibrate.

Pressure readings via CAN Bus port are available in engineering units. The temperature reading at the sensor is also available via CAN Bus. An analog output of ± 5 Vdc is also available. A free CANBus Utility is available to get readings from the P66 as well as to perform Auto Zero and Auto Span operations. 

The P66 has 1/8 inch female NPT pressure connections and measures just 1.5 x 1.5 x 5 inches overall.

The P66 is powered by the +5 to +55 Vdc and draws just a few mA.

The P66 is Ideal for:
Automotive Pressure Measurement
Level Measurements
Engine Test Cells
Test Track Pressure Measurements



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