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DP303 Wet-Wet Differential Pressure Sensor
• Ranges from ±0.08 to ±5000 psid
• line pressure upto 5000 psig
• Fast dynamic response
• Accepts corrosive liquids and gases, both sides
• High natural frequency
• Field replaceable replacement diaphragms
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Technical Details

The DP303 is a true bidirectional, "Wet-Wet" differential pressure sensor designed for applications where very low differential pressures are to be measured in fluid systems involving high line, or working, pressures up to 5000 psig. Typical applications include core sampling studies, flow measurements in high pressure gas systems and null-sensing in hydraulic systems.

The DP303 features "take-apart" construction enabling the user to easily disassemble the unit for cleaning or to change full scale range by exchanging the sensing diaphragm. As noted from the Pressure Range/Diaphragm Selection Chart on the reverse side of this Data Sheet, a family of interchangeable diaphragms are available to cover virtually any full scale pressure range from 0.08 psid full scale to 5,000 psid full scale-all rated for operation at 5,000 psig line pressure!

As all surfaces of the transducer which may come in contact with the fluid being measured are Type 410 stainless steel, Inconel or the cavity seal O-ring material-in both the positive and negative pressure cavities - a wide variety of corrosive liquids or gasses may be used without the need for add-on isolators and internal transfer fluids. For applications involving fluids not compatible with Type 410 Stainless steel, or the standard BUNA-N O-ring compound, the DP303 may be ordered with all wetted surfaces nickel or gold plated, and/or with alternative O-ring materials.

Wet-Wet Differential Ranges ± 0.08 psid to ± 5000 psid 5,000 psig Line Pressure


  • Ranges from ± 0.08 to ± 5000 psid
  • High line pressure, to 5000 psig
  • Wide dynamic response range
  • Accepts corrosive liquids and gases, both sides
  • High natural frequency
  • Field interchangeable replacement diaphragms

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