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CD101 Circuit Board Carrier Demodulator
• ±10 Vdc Output
• Carrier excitation for variable reluctance and differential transformer transducers
• Optional mounting configurations
• Optional input, output and control connections
• Optional power sources
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Technical Details

VERSATILE TRANSDUCER CONDITIONER for Variable Reluctance Pressure Transducer

The CD101 is a complete carrier demodulator, designed to be used in a large variety of individual channel or multi-channel system applications.

Using the latest integrated circuit techniques, this unit supplies a 5 volt, 5kHz carrier excitation for variable reluctance and variable differential transformer transducers, demodulators their output and provides a ±10 volt DC signal for static and dynamic measurements.

The small compact size printed circuit board construction makes it possible to package the CD101 inside recorders, behind panels, in multi-channel systems, etc. Complete adaptability to any single unit or system application is provided by optional bracket, standoff or card guide mounting; remote, board or bracket mounted zero and span control option; a choice of trimmer pots or 10-turn potentiometers with calibrated dials, for zero and span controls; optional printed circuit board connector or terminal strip for all connections, with an additional optional of a circuit board mounted Cannon connector for the transducer connections, and finally a choice, which can be made in the field, of operation from 115 or 230VAC, 50-400 Hz, or ± 15V DC power

Low input impedance allows operation with transducers at a distance of over a thousand feet from the CD101 with no degradation of signal.

An active filter circuit provides the CD101 with a flat frequency response from steady state to 1000 Hz.

Both input and output are protected against a short circuit.


  • ± 10 Vdc Output
  • Carrier Excitation for Variable Reluctance and Differential Transformer Transducers
  • Optional Mounting Configurations
  • Optional Input, Output and Control Connections
  • Optional Power Sources

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