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General Purpose Welded and Absolute High Line Pressure Low Pressure

Low Pressure Sensors

DP45 Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

DP103 Very Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

0.5% Accuracy(BSFL)

0.25% Accuracy(BSFL)

Low Range: ±0.6 to 90 in.H2O FS

Full Scale Differential Pressure Ranges as Low as ±0.008 psid

Line Pressure/Overpressure: 15psig

Line Pressure: 100psi Overpressure: 15psi(-26 below) 100psi(-28 above)

Corrosive liquids and gases, both sides compatible with 410 CRES and inconel.

Corrosive fluids, compatible with 410ss, Inconel, and Buna N O-Rings.

Bendix PT06A-106S(SR) or equivalent with 10ft. cable

Bendix PT06A-106S (SR) or equivalent,10ft. cable provided

Validyne manufactures three models of low pressure sensors: DP45, MP45, and DP103. Each can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. Ask one of our team members for assistance in choosing the best model for you.

DP45 Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

This low pressure variable reluctance sensor has a high natural frequency and low internal volume: it is available in full scale pressure ranges from +/- 0.6 up to 90 In H2O FS. The construction is symmetrical and allows for a small volume of displacement. This model is specifically manufactured for low pressure measurements of air and inert gases. It can be taken apart and cleaned or to change the full scale pressure range. Validyne also offers a variety of accessories for our DP45 model.

DP103 Very Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

As its name implies, the DP103 very low pressure variable reluctance sensor is designed specifically to measure extremely low pressures and pressure changes, down to +/- 0.005 psid. It is best suited for air and inert gases. This model is exceptionally accurate in detecting small leaks and is also used in pressure null detection systems. It will also work as far as 1000 feet from the supporting electronics without any compromise in accuracy.

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