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General Purpose Digital Very Low Pressure
Test and Measurement   High Line Pressure

High Line Pressure Transducers

High Line Pressure Transducers

P365 High Line Pressure Transducer

P368 High Line Pressure Transducer with Digital Interface

0.5% Accuracy (BFSL), 0.25% Optional

FS Ranges from 8 Psi

0F to 160F Standard Compensated Range, -65F to 250F Optional

4-20mA or ±5 Vdc Analog Output

±5 Vdc Analog Output

No Digital Output

Digital Output via Serial(RS485), USB or CanBus

Gage, Differential and Absolute Versions

Line pressure to 10,000 psig

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High Line Pressure Transducers – Measuring Pressures at the Next Level

For industrial pressure measurement applications, there are no better solutions to be found than our P365 High Line Pressure Transducer, and our P368 High Line Pressure Transducer with digital interface. Depending on your choice, they offer the following:

  • 0.5% accuracy (BFSL), 0.25% optional FS Ranges from 5 Psi
  • 0F to 160F Standard Compensated Range, -65F to 250F Optional
  • Digital, or analog output

Measurement Pressure Transducer

The goal of a pressure transducer is to convert pressure into an analog signal or digital output. At Validyne Engineering, our mission is to provide the right solution whether your industry is industrial machinery, power and utilities, test & measurement, instrumentation, or semiconductor manufacturing. The applications for pressure sensors are extensive. Ask us about our test and measurement grade CAN Bus pressure transducer, and our test and measurement grade vacuum pressure transducers. We can help you fully understand your application requirements and choose the right pressure sensor to meet your needs.

Our Product Lines

We carry three product families, which include pressure transducers, signal conditioning equipment, and data acquisition systems. Our products are developed in part through the work of talented and smart engineers. When companies work with us, they know that solutions to their project needs are forthcoming.

Contact Us

Take the first step to fulfill your industrial pressure measurement needs. Call us today at 818.886.8488 to find out more about our pressure transducer products and how they can benefit your operation.

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