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Rack Mount Signal Conditioning





MC1-3/MC1-333 Module Cases MC1-10 / MC1-20 Multi Slot Module Cases CD18 Low Cost Carrier Demodulator CD19A High Gain Dual Output Plug-in Module




AM49 Linear/Intergration Amplifier Plug-in Module PT60 Platinum Resistance Thermometer Plug-in Module FC62 Frequency to Voltage Convertor Plug-in Module AL64 Alarm Controller




SG71 Strain Gage Amplifier PA89 Vibration Monitoring Amplifier Plug-in Module CD90 High Gain Dual Output Carrier Demodulator BA112 Signal Conditioning Amplifier Plug-in Module




CD148 Low Cost Carrier Demodulator Plug-in Module FV156 Respiratory Flow Integrator Plug-in Module BPF205 Band-Pass Filter Plug-in Module PM212 Digital Readout Plug-in Module




CD257 Carrier Demodulator Plug-in Module MC170-32 Module case MC170-L Module case MC170-X Module Case




BA172 Buffer Amplifier CD173 Carrier Demodulator PA175 Piezoelectric Conditioner PT174 RTD Amplifier




PC202 Potentiometer Conditioner BA214 Buffer Amplifier CD218 Carrier Demodulator FC268 Frequency to Voltage Converter




TC292 Thermocouple Amplifier SG297A Strain Gage Amplifier TC387 Isolated TC Amplifier BA389 Isolated Buffer Amplifier

Signal Conditioning Solutions

Signal conditioning is necessary in order for a low level sensor signal to be connected data acquisition systems and industrial automation. Validyne offers a broad range of products to assist you with this process. Our knowledgeable team of experts can help you determine the best solution for your application.

Band-Pass Filter Plug-in

The BPF205 Band-Pass Filter Plug-in Module is just one solution for signal conditioning needs that works with the MC1 Signal-Conditioning System. The BPF205 has an X1, X10 gain selector switch on the front as well as selectable pass bands. We offer the following accessories for the BPF205 Band-Pass Filter Plug-in Module:

  • MC1-3/MC1-333 Module Cases
  • MC1-10/MC1-20 Multi Slot Module Cases
  • PM212 Digital Display

Converting Frequency to Voltage

Our FC268 Frequency to Voltage Converter detects an input signal as low as a 10 mV rmsand accurately converts frequency signals to a DC output voltage. It accepts AC or square-wave inputs o as long as the minimum amplitude of the signal is 10 mV rms. We also offer the following accessories:

  • MC170-32 Module Case
  • MC170-L Module Case
  • MC170-X Module Case

Choosing the Right Device

Validyne offers a wide variety of products for signal conditioning. Let the experts at Validyne help you decide on the most cost effective solution for your signal conditioning needs..We also offer an assortment of accessories for different applications. Speak to a team member today about your product requirements.

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