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Pressure Transmitters and Transducers

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General Purpose Digital Very Low Pressure
Test and Measurement   High Line Pressure




P897V Test & Measurement Grade Vacuum Pressure Transducer P896 Test & Measurement Grade Pressure Transducer for CAN Bus P368 High Line Pressure Transducer with Digital Interface SI314 Network Sensor Interface for USB Pressure Transducers




P895 Test & Measurement Pressure Transducer P55 General Purpose Pressure Transducer and Transmitter P365 High Line Pressure Transducer P66 Pressure Transducers with CAN Bus Interface




P61 Pressure Transducers with USB Interface P2 Gage Pressure Transducer P855 Pressure Transducers with Serial(485) Interface DR800 Draft Range Transmitter




P24 Ruggedized Pressure Transducer PS309 Portable Digital Manometer PS409 Digital Panel Mount Manometer DP850/851 HVAC Pressure Transmitter

P532 Ultra-Low Pressure Transmitter

Validyne Products

Validyne manufactures a variety of pressure sensors, transmitters and transducers. The following products are all part of our catalog :

  • Pressure manometer
  • Vacuum pressure transducer
  • CAN bus pressure transducer
  • Digital pressure manometer
  • Differential pressure transmitters
  • Aerospace pressure transducer

Our experts are available to help our customers choose the right product for a particular application. We can also provide a custom solution to meet your needs.

General Purpose

Validyne offers six customizable general purpose pressure transducers. We offer gage, differential, and absolute versions of most models to meet the required specifications. Our experts will work with you to determine the best solution for your application.


We have five digital pressure transducers that fit many more applications. All of our digital pressure transducers are available in gage, differential, and absolute versions.We can provide technical support to help you select the options that will fit your needs.

Very Low Pressure

Our DR800 and P532 model very low pressure transmitters are the best of their kind. We offer integral 3 ½ digit local displays upon request. The DR800 draft range transmitter has an operating temperature range of -25F to 185F and has a very stable output through ambient temperature changes.

Test and Measurement

Validyne has three top-of-the-line test & measurement transducers. The P895 transducer with voltage output and the P896 transducer for CAN bus come in gage, differential, and absolute versions, with the P897V transducer being a vacuum pressure transducer. These models can be used for a variety of test and measurement applications.

High Line Pressure

Our two high line pressure transducers can handle line pressure up to 12,500 psig. We offer an optional temperature range of -65 F to 250 F on both with the standard range of 0 F to 160 F. As with most of our models, these high line pressure transducers are available in gage, and differential versions.

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