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OEM Pressure Sensors





P398 Low Pressure Transducer DP290 Differential Pressure Transducer DP250 Differential Low Pressure Transducer DP350 Low Pressure Sensor




CD289 Carrier Demodulator Circuit Board CD252 Carrier Demodulator P17 Low Range OEM Differential Pressure Transducer P117 OEM Low Pressure Transducer




P120 OEM General Purpose Pressure Transducer P125 OEM High Line Pressure Transducer P20 Low Cost General Purpose Pressure Transducer P25 Low Cost High Line Pressure Transducer

OEM Pressure Sensors and Transducers

Validyne offers a wide variety of top-of-the-line OEM pressure sensors and transducers, providing accurate readings and rugged construction. Our pressure sensors can measure pressures of liquids andor gases. Low pressure transducers are available with full scale pressures low pressure transducer as low as 0.1 In H2O for air and 3 In H2O for liquids. ing a signal when pressure is enacted.

Differential Pressure Transducer

Along with gage and absolute pressure transducers, Validyne also manufactures a differential pressure transducer. Our P17 model reaches ranges all the way down to 0.1 In H2O and can be customized with specific pressure ports. It is sensitive enough to detect leaks and is also used in null pressure applications. Validyne pressure transducers are a cost effective choice for many applications. We can also calibrate the range of the FS pressure and the operating temperature to customer requirements as well as the connector style or color and length of the lead wire.

Speak with a Validyne representative for assistance in determining the best wet differential pressure transducer choice for you.

OEM Low Pressure Sensor

We offer many types of low pressure sensors. Our DP350 model has a full scale range as low as ±0.008 psid and equal pressure inlet volumes. This product is best used for measurement of very low flow rates of gases for HVAC applications. A differential pressure transducer, this sensor can be customized with ports to meet customers' requirements.

Available Assistance

Let the experts at Validyne help you decide which product will best meet your needs. We can more than happy customize any product to meet your specifications. Contact us today for assistance.

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