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OEM Pressure Sensor: Choosing the Right Product for You

OEM Pressure sensors are used to measure pressure in liquids or gases. In order to achieve this, the sensor must be able to turn the physical pressure into quantifiable signal. This is done electronically. These sensors are vital to the proper functioning of larger systems and should always be selected to meet the application exactly. All of the OEM pressure sensors supplied by our team at Validyne are customized to user specifications and requirements.
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Validyne “Senses” the Change in the Pressure Sensor Market & Reveals New Innovations


Validyne “Senses” the Change in the Pressure Sensor Market and Reveals New Innovations

Northridge, CA – June 30, 2015 – Validyne Engineering releases two new product lines for hydraulic pressure and low pressure air flow systems.

Validyne is proud to announce two new product lines to meet the demands of the evolving sensor market.

The two new product lines will give OEM users of pressure sensors the option to choose variable reluctance sensing technology for their applications at an attractive price point. The first new product line offers feature-rich enhancements for our OEM clients. The second new product line offers a streamlined set of features compared to their traditional line, but a lower cost.

Compact form factor combined with a rugged sensor that accepts air, inert gases and hydrocarbon-based liquids are important elements in this new low cost product line. Target audiences include those requiring hydraulic pressure measurement, low pressure air flow systems and any application involving pressures below 5 In H2O.

According to Paul Muller, Validyne’s Director of Sales & Marketing “Validyne is reaching out to the OEM market to provide low cost differential pressure sensors capable of accepting liquids and gases.”

A World Leader in Variable Reluctance Technology (VRT) since 1968, Validyne has a long history of providing standard and custom solutions to the Aerospace, Automotive, and Engineering industries.

Technical Specs for New Products:

Model P17: For air and inert gas applications Full Scales as low as 0.1 In H2O DC Power/DC Signal 0 to +5 Vdc signal

Model P20: For Liquids and Gases Static Pressures to 1000 psig Differential Ranges as low as 0.1 psi full scale DC Power/DC Signal

Model P25: For Liquids and Gases Static Pressures to 10,000 psig Differential Ranges as low as 5 psi full scale DC Power/DC Signal

Models P117, P120 and P125 are similar in functionality from those listed above, but are constructed without a housing for electronics – for use inside the customer’s own unique enclosure.


Validyne Engineering Inc., headquartered in Northridge, Calif., has a diverse customer base that ranges from automotive and engine manufacturers, to research and development labs, to aerospace companies. For more information on Validyne or to find out more about the new VPAS Pressure System, please visit www.validyne.com, send us an e-mail at sales@validyne.com, or reach us by calling (818) 886-2057