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Differential Pressure Sensor

A Differential Pressure Sensor Offers Value in Many Industries

Pressure gages have been around ever since the steam age and differential pressure sensors are hard at work monitoring fluid pressure, flow, level and vacuum.

How Does a Differential Pressure Sensor Work?

Validyne differential pressure sensors operate on the variable reluctance principle. Two coils are mounted normal to the plane of a sensing diaphragm. As the diaphragm is deflected by pressure, the impedance changes in the coils are detected and electronically converted to a voltage or current signal proportional to the applied pressure. The signal is sent directly to a control panel that displays the results or a computer interface for analysis.

Pressure Sensor Types

Gage, absolute and differential pressure sensors are the most commonly used pressure transducer types. A gage pressure sensor measures pressure with respect to ambient atmospheric pressure. Absolute pressure sensors are referenced to a complete vacuum. Differential pressure sensors measure the pressure difference between the two pressure ports.

Our Products

At Validyne, we offer an entire line of pressure sensors for every industry purpose and application. Industries served include medical, oilfield, steel and glass, chemical, aviation, automotive, research and many more. Pressure transducers are used in automation of industrial processes, scientific research, the protection of equipment, and in medical applications can ultimately save lives.