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Pressure Transducer Used in Aerostat

The Validyne P55 pressure transducer are used by a major manufacturer of aerostat lifting systems to measure the helium pressure inside the gas bag. An aerostat is a large helium-filled balloon – similar to the old WWII barrage balloons – that are used to quickly deploy radar to remote locations. Lifting the radar antennas several hundred or thousand feet in the air greatly increases the operational range. Aerostat radars are routinely used to survey air traffic in remote areas for the purpose of interdicting drug traffic or keeping track of enemy air movements.

Pressure Transducer

An aerostat can remain on station – continuously in the air – for weeks at a time. The P55 pressure transducer is ideally suited for this application because it can accurately measure the relatively low helium pressures inside the balloon. In addition, the P55 pressure transducer consumes a small amount of power, is small in size and weight and has a robust construction that makes it suitable for field operations.