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USB2251 Pressure Sensor Interface
· Calibrated Sensor Input to Your PC via USB
· 16-bit Resolution, 5 KHz Conversion Rate
· 8 Input Channels, Sensor Excitation Provided
· Connector Panel Included
· Data Acquisition Software Included
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Technical Details

The USB2251 Pressure Sensor Interface provides real-world data acquisition for your PC via the USB port. 8 calibrated variable reluctance pressure sensor inputs are accepted by the USB2251. No external signal conditioning is required.

The USB2251 includes a connector panel for sensor cables, calibration constants for each sensor , configuration and data acquisition software. The USB2251 produces a floating-point value for all readings, directly in engineering units.

The USB2251 can record pressure readings up to 5000 samples per second. Combined with the fast response of the Validyne VR pressure sensors, the USB2251 is ideal for transient pressure studies. The USB2251 is compatible with the following Validyne variable reluctance pressure sensors:

AP10 DP103

DP10 DP45

DP15 DP360

DP215 DP363

Each sensor is calibrated with the USB2251 at the factory and is ready to make measurements.

USB2251 Advantages 

• Calibrated Pressure Sensor Input 

• No External Signal Conditioning Needed 

• Sensor Excitation Included 

• Works with Visual Basic

• Connector Panel Included

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