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World Leader in Variable Reluctance technology (VRT) since 1968

Experts at customizing solutions to customer specifications & requirements

Diverse capabilities including software & electronis development, packaging expertise & strong OEM experience

Re-rangeable Pressure Sensors

Re-Rangeable Pressure Sensors
Ranges from 0.1 inH2O to 10,000 psi
Re-rangeable sensing equipment
Carrier Demodulator supporting electronics
Multi-channel and digital display options

PC-Based Data Acquisition Systems

PC Based Data Acquisition Systems
Accepts any combination of Sensor Inputs, Thermocouples, RTD's, Strain Gages, LVDT's, Validyne Sensors
16-Bit Resolution, Sample Rate to 100KHz
PCI and USB Based versions

Customizable Pressure Transducers

General Purpose Pressure Transducers
0.1%, 0.25% Accuracy
+/-5Vdc, 4-20mA, USB, CANBus or Serial Output
Differential, Gage or Absolute Versions
0.1 PSI to 3200 PSI Full Scale Ranges
Compensated over a wide temperature range

High Line Pressure Transducers

High Line Pressure
To 10,000 psig Line Pressure
Ranges to 10,000 psi
Differential and Gage Versions
+/-5Vdc, 4-20mA, USB, CANBus or Serial Output

Draft Range Pressure Transmitter

Draft Range Pressure Transmitter
0.1 inH2O Full Scale
4-20 mA Output
Elevation and Suppression of Zero
FM Approved Class I, Div 2, Groups B, C & D

Vehicle Data Acquisition System

Vehicle Data Acquisition System
HVAC Temperature Measurement
Thermocouple Inputs
Individual Ref Junction Sensor per Channel
Up to 300 Channels in Compact Package

Internet of Things Pressure Transducer

IoT Pressure Transducers
Ability to read pressure data wirelessly - SI314
Real-Time Data on the cloud
Bluetooth enabled App for snapshot readings
Contact us to learn about our IoT offerings

Test & Measurement Grade Pressure Transducers

Test And Measurement Grade Pressure Transducers
0.1% Accuracy
+/-5Vdc, 4-20mA, USB or CANBus Output
Differential, Gage, Absolute or Vacuum Versions
0.1 PSI to 3200 PSI Full Scale Ranges

What Makes Validyne the Best

In business since 1968, Validyne is the leading manufacturer of variable reluctance pressure transducers for a variety of industries. As a well-established manufacturer, we are able to provide custom solutions to meet the needs of our measurement markets. We implement the latest technology and automation of our processes in order to accommodate our customers’ evolving needs over time.

Diverse Inventory

Validyne serves several major markets and has the expertise to tackle any job. Our goal is always to provide excellence in our solutions. Our transducers are precisely built to maintain sensitivity over extremely wide temperature ranges. Our materials and processes meet the highest standards throughout our manufacturing process. Some of the products we manufacture include:

  • Differential Pressure Sensors
  • Differential Pressure Transducers
  • USB Data Acquisitions
  • Pressure Manometers
  • Low Pressure Transducers
  • Low Pressure Sensors
  • OEM Pressure Sensors
  • Vehicle Data Acquisitions
  • Signal Conditioning
  • PC based Data Acquisition Systems

We also offer software development services and system integration assistance.

Customer Service

Our customers are our number one priority. We understand that not every situation requires the same catalog solution and we are prepared to customize our products to meet customer needs. As a leader in Variable Reluctance Technology (VRT), we offer expert advice to our customers with confidence. No matter what your measurement needs, you can rely on Validyne.

Contact Us

To discuss your application or get information on our products and services, feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready to assist you. Call 888.816.8488 or email for assistance. Send us your specifications for review and we will let you know how we can help.


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