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 About Us
Company Overview
Gerald Merritt and Max Kopp founded Validyne Engineering in 1968. The company strategy at start-up was to provide a solution for applications requiring low cost sensors for low pressure range capabilities. Throughout the 1970's Validyne's product offering expanded to include signal conditioning hardware. Then in the 1980's, data acquisition systems were added. Today, these three product lines make up roughly 95% of Validyne's sales. Regardless of the type of product, Validyne has a reputation for long-lasting, well-supported, highly reliable products. We value our excellent reputation and require all of our products to live up to these high-quality expectations.
Product Overview
Validyne has three product lines, which include pressure transducers, data acquisition systems and signal conditioning equipment. Our staff of talented engineers has developed a diverse set of products. We are continuously looking for new business opportunities to utilize our engineering resources to expand our product portfolio. The following paragraphs describe the primary products currently sold by Validyne.
Pressure Transducers
The original design approach consisted of the variable reluctance concept developed by Pace Engineering in the 1950's. Improvements in manufacturing and performance were made that enabled the technology to be the basis of a product line of pressure transducers that is still selling well today. One primary discriminator is the ability to change sensing elements thus saving customers money by allowing them to re-range the unit or replace damaged sensing. Another discriminator is thermal stability due to consistent metallurgical content from the diaphragm (sensing element) to the transducer housing. The DP15, P55 and P855 are the work-horse transducers that are very popular with research and development labs, medical equipment and vehicle I engine testing companies, aeronautical engineers, soil and core testing labs.
Signal Conditioning Equipment
Validyne also has a product line of signal conditioning equipment that uses modules plugged into a common case. Many different modules are available for sensors including LVDT's, strain gages, thermocouples, AC or DC voltages and others. The two main product families of modular signal conditioning units are the MC1 and the MC170c. 'These small, portable units have proven to be extremely reliable and rugged. It is common for customers to inform us that hardware purchased 15 to 20 years ago is still working perfectly.
Data Acquisition Systems
In the mid 1980's Validyne pursued and won several contracts to supply data acquisition equipment to nuclear power plant customers. These contracts were very lucrative for Validyne and launched the company into the data acquisition market. The HD310 system designed for these customers involved a complete signal conditioning system combined with high-speed AID conversion and a fiber optic serial data link. The HD310 was used in General Electric boiling water reactors for transient capture during system shutdown. The HD310 was qualified for radiation exposure and seismic events commensurate with the IEEE requirements for nuclear service. In 1990 Validyne pioneered signal conditioning combined with A/D conversion on a single PC plug-in module. The UPC series of data acquisition boards allows any mix or combination of low-level sensor inputs to be connected to a PC. This module has been used extensively in airframe testing, soil testing, automated gauging systems and many other laboratory applications. In 1995, General Motors approached Validyne to design, build and integrate a complete Standard Thermal Instrument (STI) for vehicle testing at the General Motors Proving Ground in Mesa Arizona. The concept of a Standard Thermal Instrument was to allow a single data acquisition system to serve the needs of various GM engineering groups and vendors engaged in the thermal testing of cars and trucks. By having a single, flexible instrument that is installed into a vehicle just once, subsequent thermal testing can be carried out without the necessity of reinstalling temperature and pressure sensors, as the test vehicle is moved to each test group. The result is a permanent system that travels with the vehicle and saves hundreds of man-hours of duplicate sensor installation and recalibration of equipment per vehicle.
Description of Our Customers
Validyne has a diverse customer base that ranges from automotive and engine manufacturers to research and development labs to aerospace companies. More than 60% of our customers buy on a repeat basis and many of those have bought from us for more than 20 years. Our technical sales staff assists our customers in developing measurement solutions for their applications. We guide them through the important aspects of their test setup and help them select the right products. In cases where we do not have the right solution, we offer alternative solutions to our customers. We have made customer satisfaction a number one priority over the life of the company.
Working With Our Customers
Validyne is known for flexibility and for applying engineering talent to solve problems for our customers. We recognize that each customer has their own specific requirements and we welcome the opportunity to tailor our VDAS system to your needs. In addition, because of our lean company structure, Validyne has very competitive rates for hardware and software engineering labor. We have demonstrated this flexible approach on many occasions and are currently in production on several "special designs". Validyne has developed a special draft range transmitter for detecting unstable flame conditions in refinery heaters, we have worked with a military supplier to provide a transducer to sense the clogging of engine air filters in an armored personnel carrier, and we have developed a special 316 SST corrosion resistant transducer for use in precision viscometers.
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